After an election that ended in disappointment and another minority government for his party, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that he intends to stay on as Liberal Party leader into the next federal election.

“Yes,” Trudeau said during a Tuesday news conference when asked if he intends to lead the Liberals into the next election.

His new cabinet, standing on risers behind Trudeau, applauded the brief response. Trudeau paused and smiled.

It’s the first time Trudeau has clearly addressed questions about his future as Liberal leader since he chose to trigger an early election that many have described as a failed gambit to secure a majority government.

The Liberals won 160 seats in the Sept. 20 vote — a gain of three over the party’s 2019 tally but still 10 short of the 170 seats required to form a majority government.

Trudeau had been vague about his future political plans, telling Reuters in January that he looked forward to “a number of more years” serving Canadians.

The latest possible date for the next election is October 2025, based on the four-year fixed election cycle.

But a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons could cause the government to fall much sooner. Trudeau could also call another early election.

Liberal sources have told CBC News that they expect at least 18 to 24 months to govern before Canadians are sent back to the polls.

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