Ann Lee, the organization’s co-founder and chief executive, said her organization received all kinds of questions, suggesting that many people were not necessarily against being vaccinated but did not have all the answers they wanted.

“It’s not just anti-vax or pro-vax,” she said. “It’s a group of people who don’t have access to information or accurate information. We are bombarded with so many opinions and ideas, and people don’t know who to trust.”

Still, some who have long resisted vaccines — the Food and Drug Administration has authorized three for emergency use — are now coming around. Aurelia Henderson, a substitute teacher in Atlanta, was not planning to get vaccinated, but when she saw Ms. Lee’s organization in the park, she figured it was a sign from God.

“I have four beautiful grandbabies and could not in good conscience not take the vaccine anymore,” she said.

For months Ms. Henderson, 57, had been skittish.

She worried about the contradictory information she had heard about breakthrough infections and the lack of federal approval. A lifelong Democrat, she said that when President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris got their shots, she considered getting one, too, but still was not convinced. When former President Donald J. Trump urged his supporters to get vaccinated in the spring, she decided against it entirely.

But this week, she became just nervous enough about the virus and the start of the school year to change her mind.

“I have been scared, terrified to go back, and I know that I have the lives of other people’s children in my hands and I take that seriously,” she said. “With this new strain things are going to be worse and the vaccine helps.”

Source From Nytimes

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