CBC News: The House58:49The ones Canada left behind

On this week’s show: Afghans convey their distress over being left behind after the last Canadian flight departed Kabul and Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau answers questions about what comes next. Plus — a deep dive into the issue of housing as experts dissect the major parties’ promises to make homes more affordable; road reflections from CBC’s campaign reporters; a look at the soundtrack to the 2021 election; and a snapshot of where the parties currently stand in the polls in a podcast exclusive. 58:49 Left behind in Afghanistan

The last Canadian flight evacuating refugees from Afghanistan has left Kabul’s airport. That means thousands of Afghans who have links to Canada — people who assisted the Canadian Armed Forces or have family here — have been left behind.

Host Chris Hall speaks with a former contractor who worked with the CAF at their base in Kandahar and is now trying to find his own way out of Afghanistan with his wife and four young children. Plus: Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau answers some tough questions on how we got here, and what happens now.

CBC News: The House14:47Left behind in Afghanistan

The House speaks with a former CAF contractor stranded in Afghanistan; Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau answers some tough questions on how we got here and what happens now. 14:47 A roof over our heads

Housing is a top issue among voters in this election — and the parties know it. As housing prices continue to increase in many regions across Canada, the leaders are pledging to make homes more affordable for people at all income levels. But do their proposed measures address voters’ concerns? Would they work to lower home prices and rents? 

The House hears from voters about their housing situations and housing policy experts — Paul Kershaw of the University of British Columbia, Andy Yan of Simon Fraser University and Julieta Perucca of The Shift, a housing advocacy organization — share their thoughts on what the parties are putting on the table.

CBC News: The House25:35A roof over our heads

A deep dive into housing as an issue in this election campaign, featuring stories from renters and would-be homeowners and a breakdown of party platforms from a panel of experts. 25:35 Postcards from the campaign trail

CBC Parliamentary reporters Janyce McGregor and Karina Roman reflect on moments from the campaign trail this week — the surprising snapshots you might have missed.

CBC News: The House3:49Postcards from the campaign trail

CBC reporters Janyce McGregor and Karina Roman reflect on interesting moments while following two of the major party leaders on the hustings this week. 3:49 Tuning into the campaigns 

The CBC’s Chris Rands listens to the tunes that formed the soundtrack for the campaigns during the last election and explains how campaign songs are sounding a little different in 2021.

CBC News: The House2:27Tuning into the campaigns

CBC’s Chris Rands listens back to the tunes that soundtracked leaders’ campaigns last time around and explains how campaign songs are sounding a little different in 2021. 2:27 Where are the parties at in the polls?

The Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck in the polls as the second week of the campaign wraps up, with the NDP holding strong in third place.

To break down the shifts in the polls and strategies, Éric Grenier of thewrit.ca joins a special expanded podcast edition of The House each week.

CBC News: The House9:35Where are the parties at in the polls?

With signs that the Liberals and the Conservatives are in a dead heat, Eric Grenier of thewrit.ca is back to walk you through the latest polls. 9:35

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